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In cooperation projects with Tierschutzverein für Berlin und Umgebung Corporation e.V. and Deutscher Tierschutzbund e.V. [German Animal Welfare Federation], we helped to improve the housing conditions of some groups of confiscated primates and to transfer some individuals to the Dutch sanctuary Stichting AAP in Almere. Contributors: Anja Pfadenhauer, MSc and Melanie Büchner, MSc.

Animal Welfare
Despite international treaties and national laws on conservation and illegal trade in the European countries, nonhuman primates are still being kept as pets or show animals in circuses, illegal zoos or by private people. These individuals have often been maltreated and severely neglected. The Dutch sanctuary Stichting AAP in Almere provides shelter and the professional care confiscated individuals need for their recovery and resocialisation.

Many nonhuman primate species, among them all great ape species, are at the verge of extinction. Hunting for bush meat, logging, human encroachment and diseases are all reducing their numbers to dangerously low levels. 

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"Individual animals make up the species, and that's been my life's work - recognizing the value of the individual."    Jane Goodall